Quail Links

Here are links to articles I’ve written regarding Quail, listed in chronological order, oldest to newest.

My choice in animals for “Urbansteading”

Birds (chickens, ducks, & quail)

Thinking about Raising Coturnix or Pharoah Quail?

What to do with thirty Quail Eggs

Revisiting My choice in animals for “Urbansteading”

Coturnix Quail (Yes, Again!)

Backyard Egg Options

Coturnix Quail for Homesteaders (A Guest Post I wrote for another blog)

Quail Week Day 1 – Overview of My Setup And a live Video Feed

Quail Week Day 2 – Building and Using an Incubator

Quail Week Day 3 – Brooders, Water and Feeders

Quail Week Day 4 – Quail Housing

Quail Week Day 5 – Processing Quail


  1. Just a quick comment to thank you for all your quail articles. I didn’t think quail were worth messing about with (small eggs and little fiddly bodies for meat!), but you’ve managed to convince me otherwise. We’re heading into winter Down Under now, but I’m hoping to spend some time getting set up for quail and giving them a go next spring.

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