Drying and Storing Sweet Peppers

Drying and Storing Sweet Peppers

I like peppers, both sweet and hot. I have found a local green grocer, Rorabecks that sells a small sweet peppers that I like to put up for long term storage. And while they end up with a VERY long shelf life when put up this way, even this nine pound batch won’t last more than a few months. But I’ll have peppers to use whenever I want without worrying about having to find some that are in season.

Using  them is as simple as adding them to a wet dish like soups or stews, or pouring some hot water over them for 15-20 minutes or so to rehydrate them before using them in dry dishes like stir frying and such. You can crumble them if you need a smaller sized pepper before re-hydrating them.

They also have the added benefit of being a tasty chip substitute for dipping or just eating raw.

So here is a pictorial on how I put up peppers by dehydrating:

Nine pounds of sweet peppers bought at a local green grocer

Slice tops off

Split in half, no more

Remove white ribs and seeds

Place on Excalibur 3900 dehydrator racks, put in dehydrator on low (100-115 degrees)

Leave for 3 days (yes, THREE days!) Makes them CRUNCHY!

Three days later…

Mason jars + lids, and vacuum bags, I use both for peppers

Foodsaver, Model 3460

FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer

Accessory port

Connect the hose

Place the sealer on the jar

Press “Accesory”

A sealed jar, ready to store for 10+ years

Vacuum bag  double-bagged due to sharp edges, also 10+ year shelf life

Nine pounds of peppers dried, and vacuum sealed.


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  1. Hillbilly,

    Nice article on drying peppers. I’ve got to try that method. Air drying takes way too long and the results aren’t always that good.

    Remember the candied jalapenos you taught us to make by the hot bath canning method? I made some Sunday without the canning process and love them. Wal-Mart doesn’t carry those gal. jars of jalapenos anymore. Got to find another supply I guess.

    We did put up a batch of Orange marmalade Sunday. Got the oranges at the market near you at 10 for a dollar.

    Also got a new pot of sauerkraut brewing on Sunday. Our little patch of cabbage has produced some nice heads so I plan on having lots of kraut.

    Keep the faith.


    1. Sams carries jalapenos in gallon jars, good pricing, too.

      We have 3 quart jars of lacto-fermented vegetables, cabbage is in the mix, in the fridge, in fact I think I’ll snack on some right now.

      I think I’ll be taking you up on that offer for some bamboo, I’ll be needing stakes again soon.

      Keeping the Faith,

  2. I don’t have a dehydrator per se, but do you see any reason my electric smoker, set at 100-115 degrees, wouldn’t work just fine?

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